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What You Need to Know About LiveCompare 3.8, Release 5

LiveCompare 3.8, Release 5


The latest version of LiveCompare 3.8, release 5, improves support for smart DevOps for SAP applications. Release 5 helps you increase release velocity: making the right changes faster without sacrificing quality. Faster, safer SAP application releases … what’s not to like?

Impact for Custom Release

Impact for Custom Release is a new app designed specifically for custom releases. Custom releases typically change tens to hundreds of objects. Contrast this with support packs that change hundreds of thousands to more than a million objects. Our research shows that users want complete visibility of every change they’ve made and the impact that has on the objects used to support their business processes.

Impact for Custom Release answers your questions automatically:

• What have we changed?
• What is impacted?
• What should we test?
• And, if we use test automation tools, do we have test cases available or are their gaps we need to be aware of?


Impact for Custom Release integrates with a wide-range of test automation solutions to help you identify hits and gaps, prioritize tests, maintain test health and reduce test scope at least 85%.

Impact for Custom Release also provides complete visibility of data changes, e.g. configuration. This is vital for ensuring a high quality release. As one user put it: we sell products in 140 countries. Knowing that we’ve changed config affecting one or two countries helps us test right and test smarter.

Sheet Navigation and Auto Filters

Impact for Custom Release includes Excel worksheet navigation hyperlinks that auto set filters. For example, from the Home sheet we can see that there are N objects impacted by the configuration change. Double-click the IMPACTED_OBJECTS cell to open the details sheet and sets the filter to show me only those impacted objects.


sheet nav 1

LiveCompare’s recommendation – the most-at-risk objects to test – are at the top of the sheet. This new navigation feature eliminates sheet-fatigue so you get the information you need fast, on what has changed and what is impacted.

sheet nav 2


If you'd like to find out more information about LiveCompare 3.8, release 5, contact us today to book a demo or speak further.

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