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Software Release : What's New in LiveCompare 3.9

New Release: What’s New in LiveCompare 3.9?

With each new software release, our engineers work hard to make our tools more efficient in order to support the cost-to-market constraints associated with releasing frequent changes. We are especially excited about our new release, LiveCompare 3.9, which has a completely new apps user interface!   


LiveCompare 3.9 was released on March 15th, 2019. 

LiveCompare 3.9 delivers results that embrace a modern agile DevOps approach to SAP application changes no matter what stage you are in the DevOps journey. In this release, you can expect more emphasis on specific apps that support the role of your development, testing, and operations teams to streamline processes.


User Friendly Navigation for DevOps teams

With an updated user interface, LiveCompare apps are grouped specifically by teams; making it easier for users to navigate the apps and complete a project faster. Now, you can find the various apps associated with your Development, Testing, and Operations teams. Apps may be assigned to one or more DevOps categories.


1.  Development 


Easily navigate to the Development icon, or shift left icon, in the sidebar to display all of the necessary apps needed for your Development teams.  Identifying issues early on in development is proven 30 times cheaper, based on a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. By using LiveCompare Development apps, your team can save significant time and cost by analyzing quality and complexity, dependencies, and impact simulation. Our most popular Development apps feature Code Watch, Code Guard, and Strider. You can get more info on the development apps in our recent webinar.





2.  Testing


Organize the apps your Testing team needs to get through day-to-day tests by using this interface. Complete test coverage 85% faster by using the testing apps to figure out what’s changed, how the change occurred, and the related test assets.


One of the newest testing apps is Impact for Custom Release. This app was designed after customer feedback provided us with cases where they wanted to see all of the executables to test. Seeing all  the executables allows the testing teams to test in various ways on the impacted objects. This app is easy to use and run with a two-step process similar to Code Watch and Impact.




3. Operations


The Operations teams have a variety of apps to use to make sure that everything is efficient and working with a live system. Our most popular Operations app, Release Assurance, assists deployment efforts in ensuring everything is ready before go-live. LiveCompare Operations apps ensure zero defects in production by synchronizing, monitoring, and auditing systems.



Easy to Use Dashboards

We recently changed our color scheme to help users easily understand what each graph means and to include a more dynamic specification in naming charts.

The newest dashboards also include text tiles that show the criteria you need to determine when the analysis took place and the information that was used to receive the results. For example, you can see the time frame that the analysis took place, the performance history data that was used, and the test integration point that was used in the analysis.


Impact for custom release

New Apps


In this release, we are introducing two new apps to support your DevOps teams:


Compare Custom Objects: identifies and compares objects with custom naming patterns. This app drills down your data and compares all custom non-BW and non-HR objects in two SAP systems, reporting on the differences between the objects.


Impacted Custom Code: identifies custom code that requires remediation because of changes in SAP dependencies. This app was formerly called Strider. 


How to Install LiveCompare 3.9 


The upgrade process is a quick 4-step process: contact your account representative for assistance and a run through all of the newest features. If you are a customer on current maintenance, LiveCompare 3.9 will be easily accessible to install. 

  1. Deconfigure LC
  2. Uninstall LC
  3. Install LC3.9
  4. Configure LC3.9


If you are new to LiveCompare, book a demo with us today to see how your DevOps teams can integrate together. With all of these new features, we hope to give our customers better clarity in analyzing their SAP changes.