Save at Least 50% Labor Costs Using LiveCompare 3.7, Release 2!

October 18, 2017 | E Dowey and B Taunt
Save at Least 50% Labor Costs Using LiveCompare 3.7, Release 2!
Today on the blog we share everything you need to know about LiveCompare 3.7, Release 2.

Our latest version of LiveCompare goes even further to support digital transformation, saving organizations at least 50% on labor costs when changing SAP applications.

A recent case study tells the story of an American apparel company who had an eight year backlog of SAP support packs to implement. They used LiveCompare to automatically and accurately analyze over 1 Million objects and 62K SAP notes. They went live with zero defects. Read the full story here

What’s New in LiveCompare 3.7R2? 

Safer Go-lives

Our new app, Release Assurance, ensures zero defects when moving change to production. With so many interlinking teams, objects and streams, it can be very difficult to really understand the far reaching impact of a change. Release Assurance gives you that final safety check before go-live. Read more here
Release assurance app in livecompare dashboard

Seamless Integrations

LiveCompare integrates with popular third-party tools to save you time and effort when it comes to moving data and backing up results. Our new integration with AWS S3 means you have more options than ever to integrate with your favourite cloud storage providers. Read more here .

Other integrations include:

•    ServiceNow
•    SharePoint 
•    Azure 
•    Micro Focus ALM(formerly HPE ALM) 
•    Microsoft VSTS
•    Worksoft Certify
•    SAP Solution Manger ChaRM

Accurate Object Analysis 

Comparing objects has been at the heart of LiveCompare since the first release all the way back in 2001. With LiveCompare 3.7 we’ve packed up the compare objects workflow as a consumer-grade app so that more users can compare the objects they’re responsible for.
The new app enables fast and accurate comparison of objects across multiple SAP instances. This app is ideal for anyone wanting to understand the differences and similarities between objects. Results are accurate and include a high-level summary dashboard with drill down detailed reports. Read more here .

LiveCompare dashboard for compare objects between SAP systems

Find Out More

If you’re an IntelliCorp customer then contact us today to find out how to upgrade to this new version.

New to LiveCompare? Contact us here to book a demo or start with our top 5 overview videos to understand how LiveCompare will help you. 


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