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5 LiveCompare Apps You Should Use Now

5 LiveCompare Apps You Should Use Now
 LiveCompare ships with hundreds of pre-built workflows and apps and in every newsletter, we feature an “app of the month”.
Today on the blog I share with you five apps which you should take a look at if you need to understand what the impact of SAP application change will be on your business.
useful information about how LiveCompare helps when making SAP application change and analyzing SAP systems
App 1 – Match
Perfect for developers who want to clean up ABAP code and get back to standard where they can.
LiveCompare’s Match app helps you:

* Find all your clones. Understand how changes to the SAP system will impact your cloned standard code.
* Find all duplicate code so you can clean it up and reduce time and effort maintaining it.
* Get back to standard where possible.
Perfect for developers who want to clean up ABAP code and get back to standard SAP code
 This short video gives you a quick overview of Match:
App 2 – Inspector - Transaction Analysis

Perfect for busy basis and security teams who want to keep track of transactions, users and roles.
LiveCompare’s Inspector app provides detailed analytics about the use of a specified set of transactions.
It identifies: 

* Which users have access to the transactions, and which roles allow the transactions to be run.
* Whether access to a transaction is enabled by a single role, or by a composite role (containing single roles).
* Which users have run each of the transactions.
* Which users have been assigned the SAP_ALL or SAP_NEW profiles.
This app allows SAP system administrators to ensure that their users have been allocated the appropriate roles and profiles for the transactions they are using. Composite roles may be preferred over single roles, because each user assigned to a composite role has access to the same set of transactions. For users assigned the SAP_ALL or SAP_NEW profiles, the app helps you identify whether a more limiting set of roles would be appropriate.
This app can be scheduled, and the reports can be emailed automatically from LiveCompare to the relevant people or teams.
Which users have been assigned the SAP_ALL or SAP_NEW profiles
App 3 – Custom Code Analysis

Perfect for development teams who want complete visibility over their custom code.
LiveCompare’s custom code analysis app provides insight into used, unused, and impacted custom code, as well as code synchronization and quality analyses.
LiveCompare identifies custom code that will break, duplicates to eliminate, clones that can be returned to standard, and unused objects that can be retired.
Learn how to better manage SAP custom code and answer key questions such as:

* How much does our custom code cost?
* How secure is our custom code? 
* What is the quality of our custom code? 
* What custom code will break?
* What custom code can be retired?
* How complex is our custom code
SAP custom code analysis software tool
App 4 – Lighthouse 

Perfect for audit and finance teams who want to reduce the risk and cost of SAP audits by proactively ensuring compliance with SAP contracts.
LiveCompare’s Lighthouse app makes SAP application license management fast and reliable. You can read how The Coca-Cola Company use it here . What visibility do you have over your SAP licenses? Do you know how the licenses are used and whether you are compliant with your SAP contract? With LiveCompare, we make the job of keeping track of your SAP licenses easy.
Answer key questions using LiveCompare:

* What licenses are in use?
* How many professional tier accounts do we have, and are they being used correctly?
* Are there unused licenses that we can re-use before purchasing more?
* Do we have any duplicate licensed users?
The results are displayed as dashboard charts, showing you what to review to ensure you comply with your SAP contract and avoid unplanned, future license spend.
To find out more about our license analysis, take a look at this video:

App 5 – Upgrade Assessor

Perfect for SAP teams considering a move to SAP HANA.
The LiveCompare Upgrade Assessor app provides all the analysis you need in one place to cover your SAP HANA upgrade. 
The dashboard reports keep teams organized around the key upgrade project activities:

* Development
* Testing
* Integration
* Security
* Training
Take a look at our recent whitepaper which provides details on all five key upgrade areas.
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Want to find out more about the apps mentioned above? Contact us today to schedule a demo or an evaluation to try them out on your own systems.