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How to Maintain Healthy SAP Applications After Go-Live

Hello and welcome to our final post in this DevOps series. Today we focus on the support stage in the DevOps lifecycle. Catch up on all the other stages here.


Learn how LiveCompare enables customers to analyze issues in our webinar recording. See LiveCompare in action! 

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Continuous Support


Once we hit deploy and a release is in production, we can move on to the next project. Right?




The whole concept of DevOps means a continuous approach to support and monitoring.


Once new functionality is released, use LiveCompare to support and monitor it.

In our final post in this DevOps series, learn how IntelliCorp customers integrate LiveCompare with helpdesk software to better manage support requests and use LiveCompare analyses to analyze issues.

Customer Story 1 - How to Monitor and Analyze SAP ABAP Dumps

IntelliCorp customers use LiveCompare to automate Short Dump analysis, providing dashboards and detailed reports which can be shared with the business.



Customers use this information to drive decision making, assigning problems to users for resolution. Reports provide detail as to whether retrofits are completed on time or not. This gives managers complete visibility over team performance.

This analysis also provides insight into the length that support tickets have been open. Use the analysis to understand why a ticket is outstanding and who is responsible.

EWM Short Dump Analysis



Customer Story 2 - How to Auto Create Helpdesk Tickets Based on SAP Incidents

Customers we work with integrate LiveCompare with ServiceNow, to automatically create an incident ticket when a problem is flagged in an SAP production system. One customer has over 200 SAP systems to analyze, and the integration saves time and resource effort. It eliminates the need to remember to create incident tickets.

Specifically, LiveCompare analyzes SAP users and assigned roles, analysing locked or unlocked statuses, depending on specific role assignments.
LiveCompare runs weekly to identify and flag exceptions. LiveCompare analyzes production systems and if a problem is found, a report is generated and automatically sent to ServiceNow, a cloud support system. LiveCompare automatically generates an incident in ServiceNow and attaches the LiveCompare report. This information is useful for basis administration and security teams.

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