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6 Tips on Getting Great Return on Investment From Your Software Purchase

 OK so let’s set the scene. You’ve convinced management to buy a piece of software. You’ve calculated a great return on investment for the team. You’re certain that after putting it through its paces in a proof of concept, the software will really help..

5 Reasons Why You Need to Add IntelliCorp to Your Agenda at SAPPHIRENOW

Come and meet us at SAPPHIRENOW and the ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando this June. 2018 brings many industry leading topics that will benefit both business leaders and IT/Admin. Not only is there the main conference, June 5-7, but also the ASUG..

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How to Research Third-Party Tools in the SAP Space

We asked our customers where they go to research third party tools in the SAP space. This is what they said.

How to Understand Data Discrepancies Between SAP Systems

Hi and welcome to the IntelliCorp blog. Today we will discuss how to use LiveCompare to identify and understand data discrepancies between SAP systems. This is a question we are often asked and this blog post is aimed at helping you understand how..