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How to Apply an Eight Year Backlog of SAP Support Packs with Zero Defects

How to Apply an Eight Year Backlog of SAP Support Packs with Zero Defects
2017 has seen as add some fantastic names to our growing customer list. As we come to the end of the year, we share with you some of the best stories we’ve published. Although we can’t always mention our customer names, the stats and RIO results more than make up for that. If you would like to speak with our customers then let us know. We are always happy to set up customer reference calls so you can speak one-on-one with people using our software. 
Today on the blog I share with you a story which really highlights the benefits of using LiveCompare to automate analysis when changing SAP applications.

8 years; 1,1M changes; 62K SAP notes; Zero Defects

Using LiveCompare for SAP Support Pack Impact Analysis Testing
An apparel company used LiveCompare to ensure the safe go-live of an 8 year backlog of SAP support packs. They had over 62,000 SAP Notes and 1.1M objects to analyze across the support packs, and this was for just the ECC component of SAP. As you can imagine, doing this analysis by hand was just not feasible.
By using LiveCompare they applied 8 years of supports packs and had zero fallout. 
Zero fallout.
No negative impact on production and ultimately the business. 
They ran a full comparison of all objects on the SPAU list prior to remediation, comparing the patched DEV system to PROD and PROD to QA to ensure there were no anomalies due to work in flight in the landscape. This ensured they had no surprises when they went live with a change in production.
Now that this company is up-to-date on support packs, they continue to use LiveCompare to run and maintain their SAP environments. Being able to compare code, configuration and data is critical to productivity at this organization.
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