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How to Enable a Smart DevOps Approach to SAP Application Change


Hello and welcome to the IntelliCorp blog. Over the next 4 weeks, we will share with you how our software will fast forward your smart SAP DevOps journey. 


We recently hosted a live webinar on smart SAP DevOps, see our software in action in the webinar recording below!


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Why do organizations want to adopt DevOps?

If organizations want to innovate and create competitive advantage, IT needs to keep up with demands from the business. Speed and quality are critical to business success. SAP HANA migrations, run & optimize existing applications, and moving to a cloud-based SAP environment are just some of the projects which rely on collaboration between IT and the business.

A smart DevOps approach to SAP application change offers many opportunities:


  • Increase the frequency of change.
  • Improve the quality of change.
  • Speed up innovation.
  • Achieve competitive advantage.
  • Shorten lead time for fixes.
  • Eliminate release failures


What does smart DevOps mean for organizations running SAP applications?

Implementing smart DevOps provides integration, communication and automation among business teams needed to plan, design, test, deploy, release, and support SAP applications.


Manual processes associated with changing SAP applications prevent fast delivery and productivity, posing risk to the business. By using tools across the DevOps lifecycle we not only save time and increase quality, but also develop a repeatable and transparent process.


IntelliCorp software supports the complete DevOps lifecycle:



Benefits of Using IntelliCorp Software

IntelliCorp software allows you to increase the speed of innovation delivery without sacrificing quality.


Reduce cost. Reduce the amount of manual labor, resource wait-time, and rework. Save at least 50% on resource effort.


Fast time-to-market. Increase frequency of software delivery without business risk or.


Zero defects. Deliver high quality releases with increased compliance.


Visibility. Provide end-to-end transparency, auditability and reduced time to feedback.


Continuous Integration and Delivery Using IntelliCorp Software


Join us over the next 4 weeks as we explore each stage of the DevOps lifecycle.


Plan: Define your business needs and understand who across the business will be involved. Gain early visibility into the impact of change on people, processes and systems.


Design: Get upfront visibility on the scope, effort and risk involved with proposed change.


Build: It’s 30x cheaper to fix code in development than production. Find out how to keep track of code, analyze quality, performance and developer work. Compare objects and IMG configurations fast and accurately.


Test: Testing is one of the key areas our software supports. We will publish three blog posts that cover:

  • Smart impact analysis - 100% coverage for just 15% effort
  • Test System Validation
  • Test Audit


We also explore how our tools integrate with popular testing tools such as Micro Focus ALM, Microsoft VSTS and Worksoft Certify to provide a complete solution for speeding up innovation delivery without compromising quality.


Deploy: Learn about LiveCompare's Release Assurance app to guarantee the integrity of every production release. Eliminate production defects and be certain that it is safe to release.


Support and Monitor: Once new functionality is released, use LiveCompare to support and monitor your environment. Learn how IntelliCorp customers integrate LiveCompare with helpdesk software such as ServiceNow to better manage support requests.


A smart, agile DevOps process for SAP


We’re really excited to share lots of customer stories over the next few weeks, which show you how our tools speed up innovation without compromising quality. 


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