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Where to Meet IntelliCorp this Summer

Hello and welcome to the IntelliCorp blog. We are busy preparing for a number of events this spring and summer, and today we share with you where you can meet us.




Meet us on June 4, for the Orlando ASUG Executive Exchange. This event runs the day before the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual conference kicks off.

We will then exhibit at booth 1337B at the main SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, from June 5-7. Book a demo with us during the conference and find out how your business can take back time by using our automation software to support smart DevOps.


Learn how our tools enable fast business innovation, safe digital transformation and a smart DevOps approach to SAP application lifecycle change. Get started today and learn how our customer, SKY, took back 12,000 hours. Read more here. 

If you haven't signed up for this exciting conference yet, click here to register.

Reasons to attend:


  • Connect with your peers and learn how to save time and money when making change to SAP applications.
  • Learn how to innovate fast and safe.
  • Hear from SAP customers to learn about the latest technology.



In July, we are excited to attend our first ASUG Regional Executive Exchange Meeting in New York, where we will be the primary sponsor. Regional events are more intimate and consist of less than 50 people from the surrounding area. We will be presenting a speaking session on How to Enable a Smart DevOps Approach to SAP Application Change using LiveCompare. For more info on this event, take a look here.


We look forward to meeting you at these events this summer!