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How to Reduce the Cost-to-Production Using Automation Software

When it comes to running a successful business, we all want to do more with less; faster time-to-market, intelligent innovation and better customer satisfaction. And all of this has to happen for less cost, less effort and less risk. 


Join us at the SAP Forum in Mexico – Feb 2

We exhibit at a lot of IT conferences and SAP events through the year. Our first major event of 2017 is the SAP Forum in Mexico . The event is held in Mexico City in an area called “Santa Fe”. Santa Fe is an up and coming part of the..

How to Increase Frequency and Improve Quality with Smart Impact Analysis


A number of companies we work with have used Liv eCompare to increase release frequency . By using LiveCompare, they’ve adopted an agile approach to SAP change management, implementing changes as and when they need to rather than bundling them..

How to Take Control of Your SAP Licenses in 60 Minutes

  A recent study found that 33% of software asset managers and IT managers were concerned about being audited by key software suppliers.
As our SAP systems expand to support an increasingly diverse set of business processes, it becomes..

3 SAP Application Lifecycle Resolutions For 2017!

Each New Year I vow to move more and eat healthy . And come February I go back to doing the same I always did. Because it’s easy and because it’s familiar. The same could be said of how we manage our SAP systems. How can we move more change and..