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How to Reduce the Cost-to-Production Using Automation Software

When it comes to running a successful business, we all want to do more with less; faster time-to-market, intelligent innovation and better customer satisfaction. And all of this has to happen for less cost, less effort and less risk. 


How to Find and Fix ABAP Code Issues Before They Impact Production

Hello and welcome to our next post in this DevOps series. Today we explore the build stage and show you how to find and fix ABAP code issues before they impact the business.

Understand the Impact of SAP Application Change on People, Processes and Systems


 Hello and welcome to our second post in our DevOps series. Today we explore the design stage and show you how our smart tools help organizations understand the impact of change on people, processes and systems. 

How to Prepare for an Upgrade to SAP HANA in 2018

Are you considering an upgrade to SAP HANA® or S/4 HANA? If yes, find out how to prepare SAP systems fast and safe using IntelliCorp’s smart software.

3 SAP Application Lifecycle Resolutions You Can Keep in 2018

Happy New Year and welcome back to the IntelliCorp blog, 2018! To kick of the New Year, we’re sharing with you three SAP application lifecycle resolutions that, with the help of our smart software, are super-easy to stick to.