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What is Smart DevOps for SAP? Your Questions Answered.


5 Reasons to Visit IntelliCorp at SAP TechEd This Year

5 Reasons to Visit IntelliCorp at SAP TechEd This Year

SAP Transport Management and Tracking Using SharePoint and LiveCompare

Why Customers Integrate SharePoint and LiveCompare


If you’re not familiar with SharePoint, it is a collaboration tool, used mainly for document management and storage. Today we share with you why customers use our integration with SharePoint and how..

How to Reduce the Cost-to-Production Using Automation Software

When it comes to running a successful business, we all want to do more with less; faster time-to-market, intelligent innovation and better customer satisfaction. And all of this has to happen for less cost, less effort and less risk. 


5 Reasons Why You Need to Add IntelliCorp to Your Agenda at SAPPHIRENOW

Come and meet us at SAPPHIRENOW and the ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando this June. 2018 brings many industry leading topics that will benefit both business leaders and IT/Admin. Not only is there the main conference, June 5-7, but also the ASUG..