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How to Understand Data Discrepancies Between SAP Systems

Hi and welcome to the IntelliCorp blog. Today we will discuss how to use LiveCompare to identify and understand data discrepancies between SAP systems. This is a question we are often asked and this blog post is aimed at helping you understand how..

Happy Birthday to the IntelliCorp Blog – Our Top Five Posts of 2017

The IntelliCorp blog is now one year old and we’ve published over 60 posts this year. To end the year, we share with you our top five most viewed posts . If you missed these then take a look and be sure to share them with your colleagues.

Using LiveCompare to Tackle non-SAP Data Challenges

This is a blog post which I’ve been meaning to put together for months now. It’s a great story of how LiveCompare can be used to tackle any data problems, not just SAP data problems.  
At IntelliCorp we use a CRM system to manage ..

5 Videos That Will Show You How LiveCompare Reduces Labor Costs by 50%

If you want to learn how to reduce your SAP application labor costs by at least 50% then take a look at some of our best videos. They range from 60 second explainers to 45 minute demos.
If you’re not sure what IntelliCorp do and how our software..

Zero Business Disruption - SAP HANA® Upgrades and End-User Training

How Can we Make Sure our Users are Trained Properly?
Hello and welcome to the final post in our series “How to Migrate to SAP HANA Fast and Safe Using LiveCompare”. If you missed any posts, take a read on Development , Testing ,