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The DevOps Testing Stage - How to Achieve 100% Cover for 15% Effort

Hello and welcome to our next post in this DevOps series. Today we explore the test stage and show you how our smart tools help organizations understand what to test and why. 


5 Videos That Will Show You How LiveCompare Reduces Labor Costs by 50%

If you want to learn how to reduce your SAP application labor costs by at least 50% then take a look at some of our best videos. They range from 60 second explainers to 45 minute demos.
If you’re not sure what IntelliCorp do and how our software..

Smart Impact Analysis: Improving What’s Testable

LiveCompare’s smart impact analysis system is designed to reduce what’s used to the most-at-risk objects to test in response to SAP application change. Evidence from customer benchmarks shows that using LiveCompare cuts test scope by at least..

How to Use LiveCompare’s Automated Impact Analysis to Reduce Testing by 85%

Our second post in our series "How to Upgrade to SAP HANA Faster and Safer Using LiveCompare"  focuses on testing. We discuss how LiveCompare identifies the impact of change on your SAP applications without compromising the quality of your..

Everything You Need to Know About LiveCompare 3.7!

Today on the blog we share with you all you need to know about the new release of LiveCompare 3.7 .  
LiveCompare is designed with one goal in mind: to reduce your labor costs, internal or external, by at least 50%.  
LiveCompare 3.7..