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eBook: How LiveCompare Supports S/4HANA Upgrades

Nearly 1,500 companies have implemented SAP S/4HANA according to SAP, with 19 percent of customers actively using it. Since 2015, adoption of the SAP S/4HANA idea has been growing as more companies see the benefits of implementing the newest version of..

Software Release : What's New in LiveCompare 3.9

New Release: What’s New in LiveCompare 3.9?

With each new software release, our engineers work hard to make our tools more efficient in order to support the cost-to-market constraints associated with releasing frequent changes. We are especially..

Webinar Recap: How to Apply Smart DevOps to SAP Applications in 2019


Last week, we hosted a live webinar, “How to Apply Smart DevOps to SAP Applications in 2019.” Today on the blog, we give you a brief overview on what was discussed in the webinar in case you missed it.

Everything You Need to Know About LiveCompare's Impact App

What You Need to Know about LiveCompare's Code Watch App