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How to Keep SAP Business Processes Up To Date with Automated Technology

Today on the blog we’re exploring how to use our impact analysis tool, LiveCompare, and business process tool, LiveModel, to keep your SAP business processes up to date. Do the processes reflect actual system use?

Why Business Process Documentation is a Challenge

Today on the blog, we are announcing a new two-part series of posts, which explores how our smart DevOps software, LiveModel and LiveCompare, work together to address business process documentation challenges.

How to Automate Time and Cost-to-Market Analysis in DevOps Planning 

Hello and welcome to the first blog post in our DevOps series

How to Use LiveModel to Visualize the Impact of Change on Business Processes

LiveCompare enables organizations to roll-out changes to their SAP applications faster and safer than traditional methods, with at least a 50% reduction in labor costs.
LiveCompare is part of our suite of smart..