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5 Customer Stories You Might Have Missed This Year!

Hello and welcome to the IntelliCorp blog. We can’t believe how fast the year has gone. It’s a cliché but time really does fly when you’re having fun! 2017 has been a fantastic year for IntelliCorp because we’ve had so many amazing customer..

How Sky Mexico Saves 82% on SAP Project Consulting Costs

We’ve published some amazing customer stories throughout 2017 and this one from Sky Mexico is no exception.
Sky Mexico uses IntelliCorp software, LiveCom pare and LiveModel , to save 82% on consulting costs associated with SAP..

Using LiveCompare to Tackle non-SAP Data Challenges

This is a blog post which I’ve been meaning to put together for months now. It’s a great story of how LiveCompare can be used to tackle any data problems, not just SAP data problems.  
At IntelliCorp we use a CRM system to manage ..

Top 5 Reasons Why New Marketers in Tech Should Attend Tradeshow Events

Do you remember the first conference you attended? How did you feel?  Two weeks ago, I attended one of my first ASUG conferences, representing IntelliCorp. I met with the team at the ASUG Pacific Northwest event in Kirkland, Washington. It was..

3 Customer Stories that Show you how LiveCompare Saves at Least 50% of External Consulting Costs

Running SAP applications is expensive. Most organizations we work with use external consulting companies or systems integrators to do all, or part of the work involved. This may be work involved with an SAP HANA migration, or it may be the day-to-day..