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How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code

Today on the blog we’re talking about technical debt and how to reduce it in custom ABAP code. We’ll answer questions such as: what is it? What does it cost our business?

Save at Least 50% Labor Costs Using LiveCompare 3.7, Release 2!

Today on the blog we share everything you need to know about LiveCompare 3.7, Release 2.
Our latest version of LiveCompare goes even further to support digital transformation, saving organizations at least 50% on labor costs when..

5 Videos That Will Show You How LiveCompare Reduces Labor Costs by 50%

If you want to learn how to reduce your SAP application labor costs by at least 50% then take a look at some of our best videos. They range from 60 second explainers to 45 minute demos.
If you’re not sure what IntelliCorp do and how our software..

11 ASUG Events to Put on Your Calendar this Fall!

IntelliCorp will exhibit at a number of ASUG chapter meetings this Fall. If you’re planning on going to any of the following ASUG chapter meetings then stop by our booth to find out how your organization can reduce internal and external labor costs..

How to Use LiveModel to Visualize the Impact of Change on Business Processes

LiveCompare enables organizations to roll-out changes to their SAP applications faster and safer than traditional methods, with at least a 50% reduction in labor costs.
LiveCompare is part of our suite of smart..