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Three SAP Application Resolutions to Be More Agile

The New Year brings new resolutions that many of us are eager to keep as the year goes on. Today, we are sharing with you three SAP application lifecycle resolutions that will help your organization improve strategy and become more agile. Hopefully, you will have no problem sticking to these resolutions with the help of our smart DevOps software.

Resolution #1- Automate DevOps Tasks


As we approach a new year of more innovation in tech, we continue to see the uprising trend of DevOps. With many companies adopting and implementing DevOps, we can be sure that the strategy is here to stay and that it will be the framework of organizations using SAP applications.


Based on Forrester research, “The DevOps momentum is occurring within all industry sectors. While healthcare, banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors are leading the charge – all are leveraging DevOps to support their business transformation towards agility and speed.”

Source: 2018: The Year of Enterprise DevOps 


Companies who adopted a DevOps Methodology were surveyed by Puppet and DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment agency), where the survey presented results on how DevOps has started to positively impact companies.


According to the survey, “80% of enterprise C-suite executives surveyed have stated their companies are actively implementing DevOps workflows, only 50% were able to demonstrate some tangible benefits of the transition and showcase any solver challenges.”

Source: Review of DevOps Implementation Results in 2018 


How can companies see the implementation even faster? The answer: automated DevOps software. Using our smart DevOps software, LiveCompare, your organization can gain significant advantages and free up your teams for bigger projects. For example, our customer Sky Mexico made savings of 82% on their consulting costs after using LiveCompare. You can read their case study here.


With a smart DevOps approach, gain the following advantages:

  1. Increase efficiencies
  2. Automate repetitive tasks
  3. Improve the quality of change
  4. Eliminate release failures
  5. Reduce overall costs

Organizations who successfully adopt a DevOps approach significantly increase operational efficiency and can deliver results faster to keep up with the business.


Resolution #2- Upgrade to S/4 HANA


As businesses are pushed toward going faster and agile, the pressure to support business has moved many organizations to adopt SAP S/4HANA. Organizations using S/4HANA receive more opportunities to handle larger amounts of data, obtain real-time visibility of the system, and provide a better user experience.


Are you ready for S/4HANA? LiveCompare can help you prepare your systems and ensure that you receive fact-based information on what your current SAP system looks like, and the impact and effort involved with a move to S/4HANA. A customer of ours, Salt River Project (SRP), used LiveCompare to upgrade systems to Enhancement Pack 8 before migrating to HANA.


“By using LiveCompare, we’ve reduced our user acceptance testing by 50% compared with our last enhancement pack project,” –Suzanne Casey, Team Lead Enterprise Systems Quality Assurance. Take a look at the customer story here.


We offer a free S/4HANA Assessment  to get your systems ready before taking the journey to HANA. Book now!


Resolution #3- Synchronize Landscapes


Synchronizing a dual landscape or N+1 landscape can be a challenge to support all the data your SAP systems hold. Companies with big data need to be sure that corrections from business-as-usual (BAU) integrate into project streams correctly. Identify and correct defects before they are introduced to Production. LiveCompare provides information on data extraction from SAP tables, project transport analysis, cross system comparison reports, and daily miss reports. Speed up the analysis it takes to synchronize landscapes this year by understanding how to take on dual maintenance in the SAP environment.


Take a read  here  for more information on dual landscape synchronization.

Don’t forget to schedule a  demo or a free S/4HANA Assessment with us!