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In Case You Missed Them - Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

Top 5 Blog posts of 2018

The IntelliCorp blog is now two years old and we’ve published over 40 posts this year. To end the year, we share with you our top five most viewed posts. If you missed these then catch up below. 


How to Test SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management RFUI Transaction

In first place is “How to Test SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management RFUI Transaction,” a blog post which details how LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk actions to test, when testing SAP’s RFUI transaction.


Testing the RFUI transaction, can be challenging because there are so many actions which make up this transaction. Often testing teams test the whole of the RFUI transaction. This takes time and effort. Read here how LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk actions to test. 




How to Ensure New SAP HANA Objects are Transported Between Multiple SAP HANA Databases

In second place is “How to Ensure New SAP HANA Objects are Transported Between Multiple SAP HANA Databases.” One of the biggest challenges we hear is to do with missing transports. These are transports that should have been migrated across the landscape but weren’t. This can result in a production failure which impacts business operations. To solve these synchronization challenges, customers use LiveCompare. In this case, LiveCompare analyzes change between multiple HANA databases and connects to SAP Solution Manager to provide detailed analysis on transports. Read more here about how this works. 


How to Fix Custom Code For an Upgrade to SAP HANA

Third in line is a post about LiveCompare’s “Fix my Code” app. Fix my Code analyzes custom ABAP code, identifies what’s incompatible with SAP HANA and proposes the necessary corrections. Find out more about this app here




How to Take Control of Your SAP Licenses in 60 Minutes

As our SAP systems expand to support an increasingly diverse set of business processes, it becomes challenging to stay on top of license usage. This can lead to unexpected licensing costs, true-up fees and overall business disruption. Sifting through the mountains of data to get at useful information is time consuming and error prone. Find out how LiveCompare helps here.


How to Reduce the Technical Debt of Custom ABAP Code

Are you bogged down with custom ABAP code? Are you unsure how much custom code you have across your SAP landscape? This blog post answers these questions and shows you how LiveCompare will help.





Thank you for reading and sharing our content this year. Stay tuned in 2019 for more information on Smart DevOps for SAP applications, as well as S/4HANA upgrades. Contact us today if you want to book a demo.


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