Using LiveCompare to Tackle non-SAP Data Challenges

November 21, 2017 | E Dowey
using LiveCompare to tackle non SAP data challenges

This is a blog post which I’ve been meaning to put together for months now. It’s a great story of how LiveCompare can be used to tackle any data problems, not just SAP data problems.
At IntelliCorp we use a CRM system to manage customer and prospect data, and a separate email marketing system.
The challenge I had was getting data exported from the CRM system to the email marketing system . I needed to download multiple Excel files, clean them up and combine them.
The process looked something like this:
•    Log in to the CRM system and create reports for 6 separate territory areas, from both a contacts and leads database. So this meant 12 reports that need to be merged in to 6.
•    Export this data.
•    Tidy this data up and merge the leads and contacts. A lot of the CRM data that gets exported exported is also not relevant or cannot be read by the email marketing platform. 
•    Save the clean Excel spreadsheets to my desktop.
•    Upload them in to email marketing platform. This takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes PER Excel spreadsheet, depending on the size of the data set.

The process of manually exporting, tidying and importing data for the six groups would take me well over an hour to complete.
After hearing me complain each month about the monotony of this task, Richard Hurst, had a solution for me that involved LiveCompare. He built me a workflow that grabs all the CRM data, downloading and merging all 12 reports into the six I need.
All I need to do now is grab a global lead export and a global contact export. I upload these to LiveCompare and hit run. The workflow runs in less than a minute and auto-emails me all 6 consolidated reports, ready to upload to the email system. An hour is reduced to 1 minute .
LiveCompare also flags any people with no territory assigned. This report is used to further look at the data and clean it up if necessary. 
If you want more information regarding LiveCompare and how it is used for comparing and consolidating data, contact us today. 

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