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How to Validate a QA System Before Testing SAP Application Change

Hello and welcome to our next post in our DevOps series. Today we continue to explore the test stage, focusing on how we validate QA systems before we start testing.


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In March, we ran a live webinar to show you the software in action. Watch now! 

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Why Should we Validate Our Test System?

Before you start testing SAP application change, you want to make sure your QA environment is ready. No one wants to find that after several days of testing that some portion of the release wasn’t included or that user profiles are set up differently or that required test data is missing.

Put simply, there’s no point starting testing if the QA system isn’t ready.

But how can we ensure our test systems is up-to-date fast? Let’s take a look at how IntelliCorp’s smart software, LiveCompare, helps.

Use LiveCompare to Validate Data Integrity Before Testing

The key benefits of running LiveCompare to validate your QA environment is that you do not need any specialist knowledge of SAP products or business processes. You simply hit “run” and get the results delivered to your inbox.

• Make sure that all transports have been imported. LiveCompare has a dedicated analysis for this which means you can be sure your QA environment is up-to-date. Why waste time testing if the changes haven’t been released?

• Make sure bootstrap settings are as they should be. Maybe you spun up a QA machine just for this release. Use LiveCompare’s bootstrap comparison to verify system settings.


Smart Synchronization

LiveCompare ships with apps that validate our QA environments.


Check that expected configuration data, master data and transaction data is synchronized across systems.


Analyze modified objects and be sure that objects are reflected across the landscape before testing starts.

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Run IMG comparisons to understand if there are problems in IMG tables across the landscape and use the LiveCompare release assurance app to ensure transports are not missing objects before they reach production.



Validate Roles and Profiles

By using LiveCompare, you can accurately compare users to validate that roles and profiles are correctly setup. You don’t want to test a change only to find out later that you can’t run it in PRD. This often occurs when people testing are given SAP ALL. They later find out that they have a different profile assigned to PRD.

By using LiveCompare in the test stage of your DevOps lifecycle, you can validate your test systems before testing begins, saving time and resource effort.

If you want to find out more, watch our live webinar or book a demo to take a look sooner.

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