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What is LiveCompare? Frequently Asked Questions and Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


There are many tools on the market when it comes to SAP applications. From SAP’s own tools, third party applications and home-grown solutions. You just have to walk through the exhibitor hall at SAP TechEd this week to get a feel for all the options out there.


One question we often come across at industry conferences such as SAP Teched is “what exactly is LiveCompare?” Well today on the IntelliCorp blog we’re going to answer that for you, as well as some other frequently asked questions. If you’re at SAP Teched this year, be sure to meet at us booth #256 and ask “how do we get started?” 

LiveCompare FAQs


What is LiveCompare?


LiveCompare is smart software, developed by IntelliCorp, that works with SAP applications to automate the time consuming, error prone and manual analysis associated with all SAP lifecycle events. LiveCompare covers Business Suite on HANA, S/4HANA, ERP, CRM, SCM, BW, SCM and HCM, across all industries.

How does LiveCompare work?


LiveCompare connects to your SAP systems to automatically analyze all the code, configuration and data, and how this is impacted when we change our SAP systems. The result produced answer key questions related to the DevOps lifecycle – development, testing, operations and security.

We work with a consultant or Systems Integrator. Why should we consider using LiveCompare?


LiveCompare creates a transparent environment where customers and SI/consultant partners both benefit. LiveCompare make it simple to keep track of change, and enable you to self-audit and monitor multiple systems integrators, consultants and partners.

We’re not working on a project right now. Can we still benefit?


Absolutely. While many of our customers license LiveCompare for a specific project, they quickly realized its potential to support their whole SAP lifecycle, including every-day operations.

We use SAP’s tools. Can LiveCompare give us additional benefits?


In many instances, LiveCompare is used in conjunction with SAP tools, for example, the CHaRM module of Solution Manager. You do not need Solution Manager implemented before using LiveCompare.

Is LiveCompare on-premise or cloud based?


We offer a flexible licensing model which means you can license LiveCompare as an on-premise tool or in the cloud. Some customers prefer to run LiveCompare in the cloud, whereas others prefer the security of an on-premise tool. At IntelliCorp we like to offer our customers as many options as possible, to suit their specific needs.

Have more questions about LiveCompare? Take a look at our handy guide here, or read one of our many customers case studies here.