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What is Smart DevOps for SAP? Your Questions Answered.

Your Questions Answered - Smart Devops for SAP applications. Frequently asked questions.


Today we try and demystify the concept of Smart DevOps for SAP applications by answering some of our most frequently asked questions.


What does DevOps mean?


You’ll find many different descriptions about what DevOps means online. To put it simply, DevOps is about combining people, processes and products, to enable organizations to speed up the delivery of innovation to the business without sacrificing quality.


Why Smart DevOps?


Because it’s our software that puts the “smart” into Smart DevOps. By harnessing powerful analyses across development, testing and operations, our customers turn ideas into working software 30X cheaper, 85% faster and with zero defects.




What does Smart DevOps mean?


Smart DevOps means using IntelliCorp’s suite of tools to automate the typically slow and error-prone manual analysis involved when introducing change.  The analytics and dashboards produced means your SAP team have the information they need across development, testing and operations to ensure continuous change and collaboration.



Why should you adopt smart DevOps for SAP?

Transformation is often the main driver for adopting a DevOps approach to change. Whether you’re moving to the cloud or upgrading to SAP S/4HANA, the pressure to innovate, deliver value and increase competitive advantage means that IT need to respond to business requests faster and safer. Smart DevOps makes this possible. Integrating development and operations means continuous delivery, faster innovation and effective collaboration.


How does IntelliCorp software benefit development?


LiveCompare helps development teams “shift left” by automatically identifying issues in DEV before they become defects in PRD.  LiveCompare’s development analyses include: custom code quality (complexity, performance, security, reliability, obsolete coding practices, use of SAP internal components), upgrade remediation, as well as dual maintenance synchronization. The analysis results help you stay on top of technical debt and maximise release velocity, turning ideas into working software 30X cheaper.


How does IntelliCorp software benefit testing?


LiveCompare identifies the most-at-risk objects to test in response to every SAP application change (for example: custom releases, emergency corrections, support packs/stacks or enhancement packs). LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis speeds up testing by at least 85%.


Integrations with leading test management systems such as Jira, Micro Focus ALM, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft VSTS/TFS, Tricentis Tosca and Worksoft Certify, automatically detect and report on available assets and test gaps.


How does IntelliCorp software benefit operations?


Imagine being able to introduce change to the SAP landscape as and when you need to, without compromising quality and with zero defects? LiveCompare's release assurance analysis guarantees the integrity of every production release, automatically identifying dependencies that will be missed if the release transports are promoted to production.


LiveCompare saves even more time when integrated with helpdesk software such as ServiceNow. The integration means LiveCompare will automatically create an incident ticket when a problem is flagged in an SAP production system.




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