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What You Need to Know about LiveCompare's Code Watch App

 everything to know about code watch

Are you an ABAP developer? Would you like to automate the time consuming manual analyses involved with custom code? LiveCompare’s Code Watch app helps developers stay on top of technical debt by automatically answering questions about custom code - from sources of ABAP failures to complexity to performance and reliability.

Code Watch means developers can prioritize efforts to clean up the most costly items and helps avoid releasing bad code into the PRD systems.


How Does Code Watch Work?


Code Watch performs custom code analysis based on transports, data from an integrated change and release management system (including SAP Solution Manager ChaRM), named objects, development classes or developers.

Code Watch rules are formulated to support common SAP application scenarios including:

  • Custom releases
  • Support pack/stack/enhancement pack upgrades
  • S/4HANA migrations


Each scenario includes dozens of rules designed to highlight issues early in the development cycle. Rule categories include:

  • ABAP Failures
  • Complex code
  • Missing code
  • Obsolete features
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security


What do the Results Look Like?


Code Watch generates detailed dashboard reports, which includes the following charts:



  • Quality Scorecard Summary provides a quality score for each custom object, in each of the analyzed categories. 
  • ABAP Failures by Token is shown if there is at least one violation in the ABAP Failures rule category. 


What Do Our Customers Say?


Code watch quote (2)


“We introduce over 25000 changes per year - enhancements, break fixes or new deployments. With such a huge number of change requests, we needed a single, enterprise tool that would be able to analyze our custom code. LiveCompare was the answer and we use it to analyze complexity, performance, and security of all our custom code.” Pharmaceutical industry.


“Our developers run Code Watch because it allows for easy review of their code for performance and best practice. It allows a non-developer to easily review ABAP code for issues. We can be much more efficient when reviewing code.” Manufacturing industry.


“We’re planning an upgrade to S/4HANA and our team uses Code Watch App to highlight code that should be reviewed and corrected before the upgrade.” Manufacturing industry.



Find out More about Code Watch Today


Code Watch enables developers to prioritize development efforts to clean up the most costly items, save at least 50% on labor costs today!