Our smart DevOps solutions for SAP support continuous delivery of SAP change and help reduce the cost, risk and effort of managing change. Our tools LiveCompare, LiveModel and LiveInterface provide visibility into your existing environment and better predict the impact of change. Modernize, automate and collaborate using our solutions across every stage of the DevOps journey.




IntelliCorp’s smart DevOps solution supports project teams in planning releases by automating the time-to-market and cost-to-market analysis. Define your business needs and understand who across the business will be involved. Gain early visibility into the impact of change on people, processes and systems.

What impact will a change have on our SAP systems?
How much effort will be involved if we make a change?
What should we test and why?
SAP Upgrade Analysis Software


Designing the solution requires that we consider the impact of change on people, processes and systems. Who, what, where, when and how will be impacted by a proposed change? To understand the impact of SAP application change on people, processes and systems, we use LiveModel and LiveCompare.

Understand the scope, risk and effort of a proposed change.
Compare objects and IMG configuration.
Analyze performance and complexity of custom code.
SAP Upgrade Analysis Software for ABAP custom code analysis


One of the challenges of agile development is the accumulation of technical debt. Blindly building for today can lead to complex code that is expensive to test and expensive to change tomorrow. Our smart software, LiveCompare, helps avoid the build-up of technical debt.

Analyze custom code and identify unused code.
Fix code fast.
Assess custom code quality and complexity.
SAP Upgrade Analysis Software


Change is the one constant in the SAP lifecycle. Major and minor releases all drive change. Introducing change to SAP systems require us to then test these systems. The classic approach is to test everything. IntelliCorp solutions offer a fast, reliable approach, without compromising quality. Read more in this blog post.

What are the most-at-risk transactions to test?
What is testable and where are there gaps?
How to achieve zero application defects?
SAP Upgrade Analysis Software testing DevOps Stage


Imagine being able to introduce change to the SAP landscape as and when you need to, without compromising quality and safety. LiveCompare, makes this possible. Customers use LiveCompare to guarantee the integrity of every production release.

Keep systems synchronized and manage object conflicts.
Support business as usual activities.
Check dual maintenance transport overwrites.
SAP Upgrade Analysis Software


Smart DevOps means a continuous approach to support and monitoring. Once new functionality is released, use LiveCompare to support and monitor it. Use LiveCompare to automate Short Dump analysis, and integrate with help desk systems such as ServiceNow.

Continuous support and monitoring.
Integrate with helpdesk solutions.
Monitor and analyze SAP ABAP dumps.
SAP Upgrade Analysis Software