LiveCompare connects to your SAP systems to automate the time consuming, error prone and manual analysis associated with all SAP lifecycle events. From audits to upgrades, LiveCompare provides fact-based analysis which can be shared across your whole business.

We offer a flexible licensing model which means we you can license LiveCompare as an on-premise tool or in the cloud. 

LiveCompare integrates with Tosca and several third-party testing tools including ALM, Azure DevOps, Certify and Excel, as well as custom solutions.

It takes less than one hour to install and set-up LiveCompare.

Support is included as part of your software maintenance agreement. Our standard of support is often highlighted by customers as a standout quality of doing business with IntelliCorp.


S/4 HANA Migration Assessment

An As-Is and a To-Be system comparison is performed to surface critical differences.Check out this video for more information. 




A reduction in time and effort is calculated within the results spreadsheet using the “PERT” methodology. 

Check out this video for more information: 

No, you can use the IntelliCorp to-be LUX (LiveCompare universal extract – vanilla upgraded box) and compare in the IntelliCorp (or on-premise) Cloud.
Run and done within 1 day.
Yes, both are supported.