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One of the biggest challenges facing SAP IT organizations today is adapting to changes and keeping up with business demands. Putting our a new release once or maybe twice a year is no longer acceptable given the limits this imposes on companies from the realizing opportunities to increase revenue and reduce cost. In this webinar, we explore how DevOps enables IT organizations to turn ideas into working software faster and safer enabling SAP application change at the speed of business.


In this webinar, you'll learn: 
  • Why DevOps is the best way to support the SAP application lifecycle 
  • How to increase release velocity and maximize quality 
  • How smart technology enables effective agile DevOps 
  • The role of technology to support Development, Testing, and Operations teams 

 Key Benefits of a Smart DevOps Approach 

Increase Release Velocity 
Maximize Release Quality 
Faster Innovation 
Achieve Competitive Advantage