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Learn How to Take Back Time 

There are two kinds of ideas in business: ideas that increase revenue and ideas that reduce costs. Smart DevOps is all about delivering these great ideas faster, cheaper and to a higher quality than previous methods. IntelliCorp’s suite of tools is proven to enable business to take back time. Learn how advanced automation technology supports smart DevOps for SAP applications. 

 Six Phases of the Smart DevOps Lifecycle  

Define your business needs and understand who across the business will be involved. 


Get upfront visibility on the scope, effort and risk involved with proposed changes.  


Keep track of code, analyze quality, performance and developer work. 


Learn how our tool supports impact analysis, test system validation, and test audit. 



Find out how to eliminate production defects and be certain that it is safe to release. 


Learn how our customers integrate LiveCompare with helpdesk software.