LiveInterface is a powerful SAP integration tool set that improves build productivity by 40% and reduces deployment and operations costs. Use LiveInterface to build smart, simple interfaces to lower development and maintenance cost. Monitor and manage interfaces and reduce the amount of time spent error handling.


Create and manage durable, enterprise-class, two-way interfaces to SAP applications


Reduce the complexity of managing and creating accurate test data


Built-in management and monitoring lets you correct critical data interface errors when you need to

Audit and Secure

LiveInterface provides full visibility and accountability, providing a detailed audit trail of all interface activity; recording of the data received and sent, alerts to support personnel for significant events, and recovery/restart facilities for all interfaces.

LiveInterface gives you complete visibility over the lifecycle of your interfaces.

Data masking is now a standard part of LiveInterface. Easily substitute sensitive data during the extraction processes and switch this feature on or off, as and when you need to.

LiveInterface datamasking audit SAP

Solutions to Common Challenges

  • Test Data Creation
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Construction of Interfaces
  • Management of Interfaces
  • DevOps
  • Create Production Copies
  • Keep Business Running as Usual
  • Data Extraction
  • SAP HANA Migrations
  • Support Packs and Stacks
  • Testing