IntelliCorp's On-Demand Training Platform

    LiveLearn is an on-demand training platform, providing up-to-date, relevant and self-paced content, which you and your team can access 24/7. Training is organized into four roles; consumer, editor, admin and champion. Tutorials are tailored depending on which role you select. When you sign up, you receive access to all new training content released during your subscription period. 

    24/7 Access to Training Videos

    2-5 Minute Video Duration

    Interactive Quizzes


    How to Run and Use LiveCompare Apps

    Consumer Tutorials

    • LiveLearn tutorials are organized depending on how you use LiveCompare.
    • Consumer training is aimed at people who plan to run LiveCompare apps to answer specific questions related to smart DevOps for SAP.
    • Tutorials cover development, testing and operations.
    • Find out which apps you need to run to answer your questions. 

    How to Edit LiveCompare Workflows and Apps

    Editor Tutorials

    • Editor training is designed to get you up-and-running with workflows and apps.
    • Learn how to edit existing workflows in LiveCompare.
    • Find out how to build your own workflows to answer specific questions.
    • Learn how to schedule app results so that your team get the information they need, when they need it.
    SAP Upgrade Analysis Software

    How to Install and Configure LiveCompare

    Admin Tutorials

    • Admin training is designed for anyone tasked with the set-up and ongoing administration of LiveCompare.
    • Learn how to install and configure the software.
    • Learn how to integrate it with other applications such as testing and transport management tools. 
    SAP Upgrade Analysis Software

    How to Get the Most from Your Investment

    Champion Tutorials

    • Champion tutorials are designed for team members who are competent LiveCompare users.
    • Learn how to get the most value from LiveCompare.
    • Understand which apps and workflows will answer your key DevOps questions.
    • Find out how to use LiveCompare to support the whole SAP application lifecycle, from audit to upgrade. 
    SAP Upgrade Analysis Software