Get Maximum Value from LiveCompare 

    LiveSupport 360 is a dedicated program that helps customers take back time by accelerating their implementation of smart DevOps powered by LiveCompare. The program gives you access to expert LiveCompare engineers who will proactively use the software to support your business and IT needs. 

    Save Time on Projects

    Innovate Faster

    Drive Down Costs

    Increase Quality

    Deliver Fast Results

    Part of Your Team

    You'll be assigned a dedicated LiveSupport 360 engineer who will be involved in all team meetings and assess your internal processes to provide recommendations on how to get the most value out of LiveCompare.

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will participate in:

    • Change meetings 
    • Functional requirements & design reviews 
    • Status meetings 
    • Ad-hoc sessions 
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    Proactive Support

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will stay actively involved in on-going projects, and proactively find ways to maximize the value of using LiveCompare across your business.

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will: 

    • Ensure LiveCompare version is up-to-date
    • Analyze internal processes
    • Provide recommendations on improving operational inefficiencies
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    Tailored to You

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will work with you and your team to personalize the standard LiveCompare apps. 

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will: 

    • Analyze custom code and identify unused code
    • Personalize you user interface
    • Customize reports and dashboards
    • Configure and run apps
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    Helping You Get Value

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will get involved with reviewing and interpreting LiveCompare results, along with constructing custom apps to produce any required deliverables.

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer can help with:

    • Master date exception reporting
    • Security & compliance reporting
    • IMG configuration management reporting
    • SAP licensing reporting
    • Usage reporting


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    Continuous Monitoring

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will continuously monitor and manage all pre-built integrations that are included as standard with LiveCompare.

    Your LiveSupport 360 engineer will:

    • Run apps periodically to look for anomalies
    • Integrate with other 3rd party applications
    • Check dual maintenance transport overwrites
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